Bridget Harrison

Bridget Harrison



 Bridget Harrison

Category of governor

Community Governor

Term of office





Governance experience

I taught in Suffolk for 10 years and enjoyed various roles including Acting Head teacher at Lakenheath Primary School before becoming the Head teacher at The Rackham (CE) Primary School in Witchford in September 2017.


Hobbies and interests

My interests include Education, History, Politics, Football, Film, Music and Photography. My parents live in France so our family often spend extended periods there during school holidays.


Links to the school/area

I have lived in and around Cambridge from a very young age and know the area very well.


Why did you become a governor?

I am delighted to be part of the Governing body at Witchford Village College and feel confident that the village will continue to move from strength to strength in its ability to offer outstanding education for children and young people in the area.