Wednesday at WVC saw a collapsed timetable for students, to enable them to take part in this term’s PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) Day. We were very fortunate to be able to enlist the help of a number of outside agencies and local employers to make it a very interactive and informative day for our pupils.

The Skills Service provided a manufacturing simulation to encourage enterprise and entrepreneurship with our Year 7. Each pupil was assigned a role in their company which then competed with other teams to see who could make the most profit. The criteria was for each team to make ducks and these had to be sold to make the most money. The idea worked well and students gained an understanding of what it would be like to work in business.
Our Year 8 students participated in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities presented by the Engineering Development Trust. Their initial activity was to build and test a roller coaster run. In groups they constructed these using card templates and a perspex frame. Students then went on to design, build and test a KNex Newton car with varying degrees of success. STEM is now actively encouraging girls and young woman to take up careers in technical industry and this activity highlighted our students’ ability to take this on board.
WVC Alumni spoke to Year 9 students about their careers and career paths since leaving WVC, in partnership with Future First. Students were informed about potential careers, they learnt about skills and misconceptions were challenged. A workshop was also delivered by the Institute of Grocery Distribution as part of their national education programme ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’. Professionals from the food industry delivered the session to inspire students about the world of work and to help build employability skills.
In collaboration with our Enterprise Advisor, representatives from ten local businesses took part in an employer carousel with Year 10 students. The session kicked off with a presentation on Apprenticeships from AIM then moved into a ‘speed-dating’ session. Students could find out about local businesses and the roles within them. Following this, Young Enterprise delivered their ‘Learn to Earn’ programme which they had initiated in November. It encouraged students to consider financial plans for the future, set goals and think about their study options. It gave students a clearer understanding of the routes to jobs and careers and the resources to access further information. NCS (National Citizen Service) also delivered to Year 10 students informing them of the opportunities that are available for volunteering and programmes after Year 11.
The day was a great success and students commented that they realised ‘You can do anything’, it was great to ‘Interact with former students’ and ‘Seeing where people have gone after Witchford, and the careers they have.’ We would also extend a big thank you to all the employers who took part and made this day a really interactive and worthwhile event.

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