Summer School

Summer School 2021


In the summer of 2021, Witchford Village College ran a summer school in the first week of August as part of the government Covid-19 catch up plan. The aim of this summer school was to support Year 6 students transitioning into Year 7 especially in light of some of their missed education. The aim was to support these students both academically and pastorally to build confidence ahead of the new academic year.

The WVC summer school delivered a blend of academic education and enrichment activities run by teaching staff, teaching assistants and pastoral support staff. Each day students participated in a range of activities such as; English, Maths, Performing Arts, History and Physical Education, as well as team building activities. Social times at lunch time saw a number of friendships forge whilst sharing lunch that was provided throughout the week. On Friday, the students went on a trip to an outdoor activity centre with the school staff to participate in physical activities and team building activities.

The summer school had a positive impact on the confidence of these young people and this was reflected in parent, student and staff feedback both in the summer and upon early observations at the start of term in September.

WVC has put in a claim for £24,059 from the government to cover the cost of the summer school. This includes, staffing and resources costs of £19,235 (including organising, planning, resources and delivery of the week), the cost of trip of £3077 (including transport) and the cost of catering for the week of £1747.