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College Closure - Guidance for parents document


Coronavirus update 20/03/2020

As I am sure you are aware, yesterday the Government announced that all schools will be closed from Monday 23rd March until further notice. This means that for the majority of our children, Friday will be their last day in school for what could be a considerable period of time.

I hope you can understand and support the actions we are ta king as a school, to play our part in helping our community tackle Coronavirus and the significant impact it is having upon us all.

The Government has confirmed that for the foreseeable future, all schools have been asked to provide care for children with Education Health Care Plans, Children who have a contact Social Worker, e.g., ‘Children in Need’ or those on the Child Protection Register and any Children in Care (LAC). All other children will need to stay at home, so we ask that you do not send your child into school from Monday onwards.

Please note that this is a national closure, as you may have heard in the news, so while it is a challenging situation, we are not alone.

In order to enable key workers to remain at work during this period of need, their children may be catered for in schools. Key Workers include:

• NHS staff
• Teachers and support school
• Police and community support officers
• Frontline civilian police staff
• Prison officers and staff
• Probation officers and trainee probation officers
• LA officers and LA/ NHS social workers
• Uniformed staff in fire and rescue services
• Armed forces personnel and some civilian MOD personnel (ie clinical staff, MOD police, uniformed fire and defence) and some discharged personnel
• Highway agency traffic staff
• LA environmental health officers/practitioners
• Care workers
• Food/supermarket drivers and other workers

Please complete the attached proforma and forward it to the school office should you fall into the Key Worker category.

If children do not fall into one of the categories above, they will not be in school. We know this will be a difficult period for everyone, and we want to offer our support. Our teachers have been putting together education packs, resources and activities for pupils to complete, and we will also provide a wide range of sources for information and learning that can be accessed electronically. If your child usually receives free school meals, we will also be in touch with more information about how we will continue to provide this, with support from a scheme that the government has just announced.

This is as much as we know right now and we appreciate your continued patience as we deal with this ever-changing situation. We understand that this latest news will have an impact on you and your family and it is far from ideal, but we will continue to keep in touch with any updates as the situation develops.

Please remember: if you or your child feels ill and you want to know what to do next, please use
NHS 111 online.

I wish to thank all our school staff, who have helped in recent days to keep the school open, and who will continue to do so over the coming months. I would also like to thank you for your continued support and understanding during this period.

Kindest Regards

Daniel Baxby

Key Worker Proforma Document

Coronavirus update 19/03/2020

Further to my communication of yesterday.

We are expecting Years 7 to 10 in as normal tomorrow in full uniform and in lessons. We will be holding assemblies with each Year group throughout the day, and handing out guidance and work for the upcoming weeks.

We are obviously very disappointed with regards to the summer examinations for Year 11. We met with them all today, and it was great to see so many of them in College.

We have informed them that we still intend to have a Prom next year and that leavers hoodies will still go ahead also.

However, we are still having to manage and run the College with significantly less staffing than normal. Hence we are asking Year 11s to stay off school tomorrow, to allow us to bring Year 10 back into school so they can collect the work required during our closure. I recognise that this is not an ideal way to finish College, however these are very unique circumstances and we appreciate your support.

I will write further tomorrow to parents and Carers.

In line with the Governmental guidance issued yesterday, we are planning to remain open to the children of key workers over the next few weeks and beyond. We are currently working on the logistics of this and I will have more detailed information about this tomorrow.

The situation continues to change and we will continue to communicate with parents throughout the shutdown period.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Baxby

Coronavirus update 18/03/2020

Following Gavin Williamson’s announcement this evening, we now have confirmation that the College will be closing at the end of the week.

We will now be following our plans made for this eventuality, and you will receive a full overview of them tomorrow.

Obviously, the second announcement is about the cancellation of exams for our Year 11 students. Whilst I am disappointed for them and the hard work they have put in over the last year in particular, I am not sure that many will be as disappointed! We await further information on how grades will be awarded as a result.

In order to ensure that all students have the books and resources they need for this period of time, I am asking that Year 10 students return to College on Friday so that we can support them properly in the weeks ahead. I would ask all students to bring in a proper school bag or other bag, for the work they will be collecting.

This situation is obviously unprecedented, but please be assured that we are doing all we can to support your child both now and over the weeks to come.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Baxby