Unfortunately the Immunisation Team have postponed the Vaccinations due to take place on Monday 11th October. Parents/Carers will be notified of the new date as soon as possible. 


As you may be aware Witchford Village College are facilitating COVID-19 Vaccinations in school on Monday 11 October 2021. Students aged between 12 and 15 on the day of vaccination will receive one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Detailed below is what to expect on the day of vaccinations at our school:-

• A team of NHS staff will attend Witchford Village College to administer the vaccines - the vaccination team will administer Pfizer.
• Students will remain in the vaccination area for observation for 15 minutes post vaccination.
• Children whose parents or carers have consented to being vaccinated must be 12 on the day of the vaccination session.
• Due to the large number of students eligible for vaccination there will be support from school staff to help with the smooth running of the session.

Any students aged 16 – 17 years of age who have not had their first dose of Pfizer, can do so by choosing a Walk-in site close to where they live – they can check walk-ins here.

• If you have any queries regarding these vaccinations you can call the Immunisation Team direct by telephone on 0300 555 5055 or read this information Public Health England COVID-19 vaccination guide for children and young people

If a student has contracted Covid between completion of the consent form and the session date we are asking parents to re-submit a no consent and this will override the yes consent.

There needs to be 28 days from positive test and vaccination.

There are plans to set up Clinics for those students unable to take up the vaccination at this session. For further information please contact the Immunisation Team direct on 0300 555 5055 Option 1.

Parent Covid-19 Letter