Our Team

The staff at Witchford Village College staff are made up of a hugely complimentary mix of committed professionals. Whether you are joining us as a member of our teaching team, pastoral team or in a support role, everyone is committed to ensuring that our students leave us well equipped to have the best opportunity to succeed in the future.

We look to not only recruit experienced members of staff, but also to recruit staff who are wanting to expand their careers in the future. That expansion may be into teaching or leadership, or into a more specialist area of support or administration. As part of a successful trust, there are also opportunities for career development within the Eastern Learning Alliance.

As a member of staff at Witchford, you will be encouraged to play an active role in the wider aspects of the school. This could be in support of extracurricular activities or trips and visits, or by supporting the many other events that take place throughout the year including charity events, concerts and other similar activities.

Whatever the position held within the college, you are always considered to be part of the Witchford team, treated with respect by our students and given the same benefits and opportunities as the rest of the college staff. You will be expected to contribute to the continuing development of the college and the implementation of the policies and practices needed to deliver a high quality education.