House System

Our students; their experience, their well-being and their needs are at the centre of everything we do as a college.
Our ethos and values are central to our culture, organisation and student success. The attention we give to ensuring our students are safe and well cared for is a key priority for the college.

Witchford’s experienced and dedicated team of staff support, encourage, and cajole all of our students. It doesn’t matter the background or needs of our students, we will ensure that they all have the maximum opportunity to achieve and succeed both academically and personally. We monitor and support both student wellbeing and progress within the house system and do our upmost to enable our students to reach their potential.

Students with special educational needs (SEN) are supported by our highly experienced, specialist team of professionals who offer support both in and out of lessons. Students can access our SEN department, commonly referred to as ‘The Zone’, before, during and after-college making use of the excellent range of facilities it has to offer.

House system

The college is divided into four houses led by a Head of House who provides guidance, support and challenge to the students under their care, right from day one. Through detailed monitoring in conjunction with subject teachers, they liaise closely with parents and outside agencies to ensure that any barriers or potential barriers to learning and progress are addressed. Therefore, allowing every student the opportunity to succeed beyond their potential.

Working alongside the Head of House is a House Manager, who is always available to offer support to students and their families. We aim to respond quickly and sensitively to any students in difficulty, accessing any necessary help and guidance from a range of sources both internal and external. The house system is designed to fully support our students on their learning journey and enable them to ‘imagine, believe and achieve’.

Our four houses are:

House Points