Join Us

I would like to welcome you to Witchford Village College. We aim to provide you with the qualifications, experiences, and opportunities that will set you on the path to a huge range of potential careers in the future.

Starting secondary school is for some a potentially scary time. You are going to meet new people, in a new environment. You are about to study new subjects and before you know it, make choices about the qualifications you want to specialise and study in more depth at GCSE level.

However, joining secondary school is also a time for excitement and anticipation. You will have the opportunity to participate in new experiences, of challenging yourself, of growing as an individual and becoming a young adult. You will make new friends, there is actually a very good chance that in your new year group, you may even meet the person / people who you will be friends with for the rest of your life!

You will get as much out of your time with us as you put in. I am expecting you to work hard and play hard. Exams are hugely important, but so are the other aspects of college life. Join a club, play a sport, take up an instrument, compete in the house challenges, try something new. But overall be aspirational. “Imagine, Believe and Achieve” are what I am personally challenging you to live up to.

Witchford Village College is an Academy with a bright future provided by our confident and inspirational students and staff, and we are all delighted to welcome you to become part of our community.

Mr Ian Cook

Head of House
Transition Lead