Assessment and Reporting

Evidence has shown that regular retrieval and recall is an extremely effective way for students to retain new material. It is also necessary for the teacher to ensure they can judge how well students are progressing allowing them address any misconceptions students may have.

Students will be assessed in class on a regular basis on what they have learnt both in that unit and in previous units. This formative assessment will be in the form of mini tests or 'next steps' feedback in their books where students have to respond to the feedback in green pen and improve on their earlier work. Essentially, 'doing their corrections, based on teacher guidance.

Students will also be assessed summatively (at the end of a unit) and sit three end of unit exams per year (two sets of mock exams in Year 11). The results of these exams will be communicated to parents/carers.

Throughout the year, students should regularly be revising new and old material and testing themselves on their recall. Parents and carers can also support by quizzing students regularly.