Attendance has been shown to be one of the most important factors in a child’s ability to succeed at college.

Our target for all students at Witchford Village College is a minimum of 96%. This will allow all students every opportunity to reach their full potential by attending lessons.

An attendance of 90% is the equivalent of missing 3 weeks 4 days of college. Research has suggested that this can lead to a student dropping the equivalent of one whole grade across all of their subjects.

It is the parents/carers responsibility to ensure all students attend college every day and help them build the resilience they need to come into college even on those days when they are not feeling 100%.

Parental support is always greatly appreciated and makes a real difference to all students’ progress.

Reporting an Absence

If students are not going to be in College, and have a justifiable reason, parents/carers should contact the College by either ringing the absence line on 01353 646416, sending a message via Edulink or emailing the Attendance Officer ( by 8.00am stating the following: child’s name; form; reasons for absence including condition and the expected return date. The College will require this to be done for everyday of the absence.

It is expected that any medical appointments will, wherever possible, be arranged for outside of College hours but where this is not possible, we expect students to attend for part of the day if the appointment is local. Evidence is required to authorise absences due to medical appointments – please forward copies of any medical appointment letters, cards, emails or text messages to the Attendance Officer or via Edulink (

Signing Out

Wherever possible, medical and dental appointments should be taken outside of college hours. However, if students must leave college during the day for any reason, they should have a note from their parents/carers confirming the appointment. Students must be collected from reception by their parents/carers/agreed adult and sign out at reception, and sign back in on their return.

Punctuality and Attendance

Lessons start at 8.30am, however students should be queueing up for their lessons five minutes before to ensure a prompt start. Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to good time management; students must be in the appropriate classroom at the right time.

If students arrive late to college in the morning, they should sign in at reception. This will be marked late in the register, and they will also need a note or valid reason to explain their late arrival. Consistent lateness or no justifiable reason for lateness will result in time being made up after college in line with the behaviour for learning protocols.

Lateness due to bus delays will not have a consequence imposed on students.

Illness and Accidents

If students feel unwell or have an accident, they must inform a member of staff straight away. If necessary, a First Aider will then be contacted. If the college deems that they are too ill to remain in college or if hospital treatment is necessary parents will be contacted. It is therefore essential that you inform the college if any of your contact details (addresses, telephone numbers) change – we may need them in an emergency.

We will reserve the right to send students back to lessons if deemed appropriate.


College Policy on Authorising Absence

For all pupils time lost due to requests for holidays or family events can affect learning and damage examination chances: important parts of the syllabus and/or coursework can be missed and these can be very difficult to catch up on. Under the law, parents may request absence from college. The college will only grant permission for absence in term time if there are exceptional circumstances. All cases are different and each application will be looked at on a case by case basis.

We will always judge individual cases on their merits and reserve the right to depart from this policy in rare cases, at our discretion. However, a convincing case must be put forward when the request is submitted. Requests for leave of absence should be made in writing to the Principal.

Students with poor, unexplained or unauthorised absence

The college will always seek to engage with parents/carers in relation to addressing absence issues. However attendance in college is a legal requirement and the college will always follow local authority guidelines in addressing attendance issues which may include legal avenues if deemed appropriate.

For further detail please refer to our Pupil Attendance Policy

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