Behaviour For Learning

Our expectations for behaviour in the college are based upon the idea that all students are responsible for their own behaviour, and that when their behaviour does fall below expectations, they have a clear understanding as to why, and how they can avoid repeating the same behaviour in the future.

However we are also clear that we will not compromise the teaching and learning of others as a result of the poor choices of individuals. Which means we have clear routines and consequences in place for students who do make the wrong choices, which all members of the college work with.

In the classroom we expect our staff to be able to teach without interruption due to poor behaviour for learning. If this is the case, a simple three step approach is enforced.

INFORM – Verbal warning
STORM – Name on the desk and another warning
REMOVE – a student is ‘On-called’ and is removed by a member of the senior team to an internal staffed teaching space

A range of consequences may result due to breeches of our behaviour for learning expectations. These include after school detentions, targeted behaviour reports or use of fixed term exclusions.
Any rare serious breeches, which we would consider to be zero tolerance would also have specific consequences attached to them as a result.

We work closely with parents and carers, as well as a number of external agencies to support students with behavioural issues. We also run a specialist provision on site for any students with more serious behavioural issues, offering a personalised programme of support and lessons.

We also expect students to maintain the same behavioural expectations when representing the college outside of normal classes. Their behaviour on trips and visits is just as important to us, and breeches will be dealt with on their return. The same expectations, especially in relation to their online presence involving other students or the college, also applies.