Mrs G Wright2

Mrs Georgina Wright
Assistant Principal (SPARK and Curriculum)

Every child has a spark and here at WVC, we see it as our job to seek it out, ignite it and ensure it stays bright.

The SPARK programme is designed purely to captivate and encourage each child’s love of learning, in whatever field that might be, and enable them to exceed in it and see where it takes them whilst at WVC and beyond.

The programme will run throughout the student’s time at WVC and we will offer extra-curricular clubs that run during and after the school day, eternal local and international speakers, interactive days such as ‘The Marine Experience’, learning about Forensic Science, visits to different Universities as well as other external visits.
We have also been recently donated our SPARK double decker bus which will be a dedicated space for students to engage in all related SPARK activates such as those mentioned above.


The Commitments are designed to go hand in hand with rewards and the SPARK program to not only ignite and maintain a love of learning but also to instil a desire to excel and achieve,
Students can aim for either Bronze, Silver or Gold standard throughout their time at Witchford Village College and are awarded the relevant badges.

Students are expected to complete the following amount of Commitments:

Current Year 7 and 8 to complete 7 Commitments in total

Current Year 9 to complete 6 Commitments in total

Current Year 10 to complete 5 Commitments in total

Current Year 11 to complete 3 Commitments in total

Commitment examples:

To participate in at least three different assemblies or contribute to organising and running a tutor event or whole school club

Actively contribute to charity work or community based project in or outside of school.

Demonstrate in and out of school your determination to succeed and that your represent the college and yourself in public. Oscars and Sports Award evening, involvement in Scouts, Cadets, DoE, Guides and achieving ‘Always’ on your school reports.

Try at least one new club for a half term.

Take part in an activity that takes you out of your ‘Comfort Zone’.

Represent the college in a sports or to contribute to the college performing arts events. This commitment is meant to not only develop already existing skill but also ignite interest into a new skill. It can take the form of helping with make up, back stage or building set for productions as well as sporting fixtures.

To take part in a form of work related learning or overcome a barrier or restriction either in or out of school

Meet a person or people who can widen your knowledge of the outside world and showing how has it changed you

Assist with an organisation, coaching or mentoring another student or team

An individual commitment that is set by the tutor with the student

Year 8 Graduation

To celebrate the academic and personal successes of students in Year 8, they, along with parents and family, will be invited to the Lower School Graduation ceremony that will take place in the Summer term.

This will be a formal and triumphant event where students will be recognised for all their endeavours in years 7 and 8 and are thus ready to commence their GCSE journey.

Students will be awarded different classifications according to a certain criteria they will need to complete in relation to attendance, GRIT, Behaviour and Academic success.

It is our aim to enhance and maintain each child’s natural love of learning to ensure that when they leave WVC they have the required relevant expertise and skill to embrace and succeed in their next steps.

This new and student focused programme is to be launched from September 2018 and we hope that you will join us on the exciting and SPARK driven future we all have ahead of us.

“From the little spark may burst a mighty flame”