Student Voice


"That all the teachers are very supportive to everyone and they help us learn new practical skills and develop better at life skills". student 1 "I enjoy that we can be active and have fun at the same time. I really like PE as it gives you a chance to learn new skills".

"It’s a great break where you can just enjoy yourself with your friends and helps with your mental health".


"I like the fact that the teacher gives us responsibilities in the lessons and gives us ownership to demonstrate what we have learned by helping others".


"I love the wide range of sports available throughout the year! The PE teachers support us and help us fall in love with different sports".

 "I enjoy using team work in sports, such a Netball or Tchoukball, especially with friends as it brings out my confidence and allows me to make progress in PE".  student 2  "Getting to try out different sports that I haven't done before! For example at first i didn't like the sound of full contact rugby but now i have joined the Girls Rugby Team".

"You get to have a good go at all the activities and the teachers praise you for the effort".


"The positive atmosphere from both students and teachers is amazing, the best subject in the college".


"I love that the teachers and staff know how to help and make you to the best of your ability".

 "I like the activity part of it, I like how we can have some fun with our friends whilst learning about the sport. I like how fun the teachers are, and how they make the lessons enjoyable".  student 3  "The different sports and activities we do, changing them and making them harder. Learning how to do each sport, and how to do them better as well as interacting and keeping active".

"I love everything about PE, the GCSE lessons are so fun and engaging. I have learned so much more in PE than any other subject".


"The clubs and extra-curricular activities are really good. I go to a PE club everyday and love the atmosphere in them".


"The teachers are great, they help us learn and develop, but they are also fun and make me smile".