Owen Bessie4 

Miss Bessie Owen
Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)

We recognise that, when set correctly, homework can have a positive impact on students’ learning. Evidence from the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) suggests that, on average, homework can add five months’ additional progress to student learning.

We also recognise that studies indicate that, depending on their age, students should be completing between 1-2 hours of homework each evening for maximum benefit and we are mindful that the benefits to progress can decrease if students go above or beyond this amount.

* Each half term, in class, students will be given a written quiz: either online or on paper. The questions will be derived from a combination of powerful knowledge that is outlined in that unit of work- and broken down on the corresponding knowledge organiser- and also key words from the vocabulary list.
* To support your child, we encourage you to download the Knowledge Organisers and Vocabulary Lists each half term and quiz them on the contents. These are available under the curriculum tab on the website.
* There will be a minimum of 30 marks available for each homework quiz and no upper limit to the amount of questions asked.
* The homework may be marked online, by students in class or by the teacher. Subject teachers will follow specific departmental policy.
* Feedback will be timely.
* Additional homework may be set at teachers’ discretion and details of this will be uploaded onto Edulink by individual classroom teachers or department leaders if applicable.
* Vocabulary lists and knowledge organsiers are available on the College website.