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At Witchford Village College we understand that we have a statutory responsibility to ensure that all pupils in all year groups access quality CEIAG. A standard has been set by the Gatsby Benchmarks (set out below) that as a school we aspire to. Over the next year we will be working towards our “Quality in Careers Standard” accreditation, the nationally recognised award for CEIAG in schools which links in very closely with the Benchmarks. This ensures that all students at every stage receive the same quality of Careers Advice and Guidance.

The Gatsby Benchmarks

Professor Sir John Holman, Advisor in Education at the Gatsby Foundation identified eight benchmarks that are the core dimensions of good careers and enterprise provision in schools. They have a role in raising young people’s aspirations and promoting access to all career pathways as well as enabling all young people to develop the skills and outlook they need to achieve career wellbeing, including adaptability and resilience.

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

The implementation of these benchmarks has been tested over a two year period in a pilot with 16 schools and colleges in the north east of England with very successful results. Every school and college in the pilot now fully achieves at least four benchmarks, where, previously 50% of schools/colleges fully achieved none. All schools and colleges now partially achieve every benchmark. 75% of schools and colleges fully achieve six to eight benchmarks. This is better than any school observed nationally in the original Gatsby report, in which no school fully achieved more than five benchmarks.

What we offer

Effective careers education and guidance has the capacity to make a positive contribution to the well-being of individuals, their families and their communities; aiding social and economic growth. By engaging students, teachers, parents and the local community we aim to enable our students to fulfil their potential and to achieve a successful future.

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Alumni - How you can support us

Ex-student of WVC? Then join our growing alumni community!

We are building a network of former students that can be called upon to engage our current students and help them think about their future. Whether you left last year or twenty years ago, we want to hear from you!

We want to show current students at WVC the variety of pathways available to them after leaving school. We will also keep you informed of school news and any social events. Once on the network, there is no obligation to volunteer and you can get involved around your availability.

Join today through Future First, the charity we are working with to grow our alumni community -

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Alumni Article


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How you can support us




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Apprenticeship and Traineeship Vacancies 1.6.21

Bridging Work for Year 11's to Start Post 16 Education 2021

As in previous years, the Oakes College is committed to ensuring all students start their progression routes with the strongest foundations possible, so we have updated our online transition work which is accessible to all students across the Cambridge area partnership. Please feel free to direct any students or parents/carers to our website (link below).

Link to resources:

Any problems please let me know.

Year 11 Pre IB transition pack May 2021

Career maps

Art Design Career Map 2021
Beauty Theraopy Career MAap 2021
Business Law Career Map 2021
Catering Hospitality Career Map 2021
Childcare Early Years Career Map 2021
Computing Career Map 2021
Construction Career Map 2021
Elite Scholarship Career Map 2021
Engineering Career Map 2021
Esports Career Map 2021
Hairdressing Career Map 2021
Health Social Care Career Map
Media Games Development Career Map 2021
Media Make up Career Map 2021
Motor Vehicle Career Map 2021
Music Career Map 2021
Performing Arts Career Map 2021
Science Career Map 2021
Sports Career Map 2021
Supported Learning Career Map 2021
Travel Tourism Career Map 2021
UPS Career Map 2021

Current Opportunities

Inspire (year 10/11 girls)* is an introductory STE(A)M based residential** taster course aimed at creative, innovative and problem solving type students who are interested/have aspiration within the STE(A)M subject matters and are considering their options in further (FE) and higher education (HE). These on campus courses combine lectures and hands-on activities with those essential life skills to a group of like-minded individuals. Lecturers, academics, undergraduates and technical specialists will provide leadership, advice, direction and exciting course content. Applications for Inspire are now open


AHP Roles Booklet
Healthcare Careers 2021
Healthcare Summer Programme 2021 Guidance Notes v21
Healthcare Summer Programme Application 2021 v21
Police appenticeship2

Employers we work with

gs     metealcraft     anglian water     morgan sindall     cambridge comm

How we will keep you informed

At Witchford Village College we want to make sure all parents and carers are fully engaged with the next steps that their child is taking along the route to a future career. We are fully transparent and aim to ensure that you have information every step of the way and welcome any requests from parents/carers for further help.

We will advise you by email using the schools Edulink and In Touch systems of opportunities that become available as well as all important and up and coming dates for your diary. The school will offer events for you to attend with your child that will provide information and advice to assist with decision making. Your child will also be invited to attend events out of school and you will always be notified of what these events are and why they would be beneficial to your child. Our website will be kept fully up to date with relevant information and opportunities for all year groups.

Students are able to request or be referred for an individual guidance meeting and in some circumstances parents may also be in attendance.

Info for Parents and Carers


10 Reasons to be a Scientist or Engineer
GSCE result day summary 2021 final 2
Parent Pack Jan 2021
Top 10 employability skills
What kind of scientist could I be?




Cambridgeshire Peterborough LMI 002
Ely labour market Information December 2020
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Our CEIAG Programme

Spring Term Careers Programme
WVC Careers Strategy


WVC Access Provider Statement
WVC Careers Policy
WVC Careers Strategy

Post 16 Options

Cambridge Regional Coll

Cambridge Regional College – June Open Day Tours
Register to attend our June Open Day Tours that will be running Thursday 24th June between 4pm and 7pm and last 30 minutes each. During our tours you will be shown around the department’s facilities by one of our tutors and given the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

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Long Road Open Evenings

Open Evenings 2021
We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy their visit to our college, which is why we have made the decision to reschedule our Summer Open Evenings to be held in the Autumn Term.

We do not yet have any confirmed dates for our Open Evenings, but we are closely monitoring the lifting of restrictions as we plan our future events.

All information about our 2021 Open Evenings will be communicated via our website and social media, so do keep an eye out!

In the meantime, you can take a look at our Virtual Open Evening that was held in November 2020:

Click here to watch watch our Virtual Open Evening events!


Click the College logo bellow to take you to the open evening bookings.


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Fortnightly PSHE lessons take place for all Year groups and cover a variety of themes. Careers information and guidance is incorporated within these times and also can be delivered within a dedicated drop down day, these are allocated to the year groups that have the most need.

Useful Websites

Youthoria Web Thumbicould aimgroup   National Careers Service logo Get Into Theatre

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If you want to explore a career in screen, take a look at ScreenSkills to explore careers in film, TV, games, animation and visual effects (VFX). Find out what you need to do to prepare for a particular role by selecting a profile that interests you and reading on.


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Get Into Theatre Leaflet Drama Teachers
Get Into Theatre Leaflet Young People

Work Experience

Year 10 are able to apply for a five day work experience placement during school time and this will be approved at the discretion of the Principal. The dates requested must also not clash with any assessments or exams for that year group. Students who wish to apply for work experience must locate their own employer and the relevant forms must be completed before the student is able to attend. For students who wish to go on work placement during any of the school holidays there is no restriction on the amount of time they can go. For further help and assistance please contact Juliet Martin -

0325 5




Student Placement Form 202021