WVC & LECA Ski trip 2019 to Alpendorf

  As soon as we arrived at Alpendorf, it was clear that the twenty-eight hour bus journey had been worth it. Climbing up the mountain in the gondola on the first day of skiing, the scenery just seemed to get better and better; picturesque mountaintops rising out of dense pine forests and brushing the clear, blue sky. And when we reached the top, lugging our skis and stomping across the snow in our boots, the slopes seemed to glow almost fluorescently. To me, a complete beginner, the thought of sliding down those huge hills seemed really daunting at the start of the first day, but throughout the week we negotiated first the slopes at the top of the button lifts, then the chairlifts, and eventually skiing down to take a different gondola back up the mountain. I was amazed by how much progress I had made: by the end of the week I was confident skiing down slopes that had seemed impossible on that first morning.

And it wasn’t just the skiing that made the trip so fantastic; we had some great evening activities too. Swimming took place at a huge pool complex, with flumes, several different pools, and even a “cave” pool with a cinema screen on the wall. We also went bowling, where we had staff vs students’ competitions (unfortunately the staff won) and forfeits of a stamp of charcoal on your face if you didn’t hit the bowling pins.
Leaving Alpendorf, after an exciting day’s skiing in a white-out, was very sad. Luckily the journey home didn’t take too long, and I’m sure the staff relished a much quieter coachload of students on the way home!
Jess Lonnen Year 10

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