The Trust have invested in a wellbeing service for all staff to access through the Schools Advisory Service (SAS). There are a range of services that promote good mental and physical health. You do not have to be absent to use any of these services and there is no charge to you. Please have a look at the attached document for a breakdown of what is included.

For any queries, please contact kmajor@wvc.tmet.org.uk or Hannah Dowley at SAS: hannahd@uk-sas.co.uk

If you would like to access any of the services, please contact 01773 814 403 or email – nurse@uk-sas.co.uk (quoting school name & postcode).


Other services:

    samaritans2     nhs2     educationsupport3     mindtools3     mind3



Wellbeing - School Advisory Service
Your Wellbeing Matters