Our local catchment area bus service is provided by Greys of Ely.

Out of catchment, private bus service is provided by A&J Coaches.

Students will be asked to show their bus pass to the driver before getting on the bus both in the morning and after college.

Student expectations while on the buses are:

· No food or drink should be consumed.

· No litter should be left on the bus.

· Students behaviour should be exemplary as expected in school. This includes being sensible and considerate to others while on the bus.

All pupils who use transport provided by the Council are expected to abide by the Travel Code of Conduct (see below). Pupils who fail to abide by the Code of Conduct when using transport provided by the Council may be banned from using the transport for a set period. It will become the responsibility of the pupil's parent, carer or guardian to arrange transport to and from school for this period of time.

Bus Travel Passes

All bus travel passes are issued by the Social and Education Transport Team at Cambridge County Council.

What if my child has forgotten their bus travel pass that day?

If a student has forgotten or misplaced their pass for that day, they should head to reception during break or lunchtime and they will be issued with a temporary pass for that day to ensure that they can board the correct bus.

What if my child has lost or damaged their bus travel pass?

If a students has lost their bus pass, or it has been damaged, be advised there is a charge of £8.50. Apply for a replacement bus pass.

What if my child has had their bus travel pass stolen?

A stolen bus pass will be replaced free of charge, when you supply a valid Police Incident Number.

If there are any issues with the transport to and from school then you should directly contact the Social and Education Transport Team to raise the issue.

Late Bus

To support our students to engage with the wide ranging after college sessions and interventions that are available between 3:15-4:15pm, we offer a free of charge late bus provision home.

This late bus operates on a Tuesday to Thursday every week. The bus leaves the college site at 4.20pm each day.

Students should only get on the late bus; if they have been to an after college club or an intervention session.

The route runs as follows:

Bus 1

Bus 2

NOTE: There is no late bus on a Monday and Friday

Contact the Social and Education Transport team

Social and Education Transport Team

Box No. SH1013

Address: New Shire Hall, Emery Crescent, Enterprise Campus, Alconbury Weald, Huntingdon, PE28 4YE

Email: edtransport@cambridge.gov.uk

Tel: 0345 045 5208

Code of Conduct for Home to School/College Travel