We believe in a common-sense approach to uniform, that encourages students to have pride in themselves and the college, while at the same ensuring that it does not place too much of a burden on parents pockets.
As of 2022/3 we are progressively transitioning to the new uniform, and we are running a hybrid approach to the changeover. The Uniform Policy has been updated to make it as clear as possible what is required by the College and the expectations of our community. It is designed to be as simple and as straightforward as possible. Our recent redraft has come about to better support our community in a modern professional world.

We expect all students to wear full uniform at all times, unless otherwise indicated via the College, for example in cases of extremely hot weather or non-uniform charity days.
We do intervene directly for persistent breeches or noncompliance contacting home when needed. To support us in correctly identifying these issues we ask that a parent or caregiver writes a short note if there is a valid reason for not having a full/correct uniform. This is particularly helpful for a student who may worry about not meeting expectations.

You can purchase uniform from Paul Day Sports – They currently have some stock of the old uniform in some sizes, but this is depleting. When this stock is gone, you will need to buy the new item in the updated uniform. We are expecting that many more students will be in the new uniform (pictured) in September 2023. If you wish to transfer to the new uniform, it is less expensive than the old one this can be done at any time. New students need to purchase the new uniform items only please.

Please note that if you want to try on uniform, you will need to arrive at 4.30pm at the latest.
If your child has sensory issues and may need further support with the process of trying on uniform, Paul Days have asked that you call ahead so they can do what is possible to help support.

If ever parents require discreet support in procuring items of uniform, please get in touch with anyone at the school you feel comfortable with, or the Head, and we will do our upmost to support.

‘Getting it right’

The vast majority of the school consistently look Professional and smart, but we thought it may be helpful for parents/careers to know some key issues and how we resolve them.

At school the most common uniform infringements we are having to correct are:

  1. Student not having a tie in the morning – they can pick a borrowed one up from reception if they have lost theirs.
  2. Jeggings and Leggings instead of the uniform trouser. - This is difficult for school to resolve without having to ask a parent to bring the correct uniform to school. Students do not like to borrow items we have in school.
  3. The new skirt is knee length - unfortunately, the jersey style skirts have a tendance to ride up when walking and are often too short. From September 2023 only the new uniform skirt will be permitted (or school trousers from any retailer).
  4. Students not brining the blazer to school - Where students do not get it right, we provide temporary loans and items for the day and a range of sanctions may apply depending on the reason and frequency.

We aim to communicate with home as clearly as possible so that together we can support all the students to ‘get it right’ and make the most of their opportunities at WVC.

The Cost of the compulsory branded items has been reduced. Please see uniform policy for full details.

Compulsory Branded Compulsory Unbranded (any supplier some available at Paul days ) Optional branded
  • Blazer
  • Tie
  • PE top
  • Skirt if worn
  • White shirt
  • Black school wear trouser
  • Plain Blue V-neck/round neck jumper
  • Black school wear shoes
  • School skirt
  • Rugby top
  • 3rd zipped PE tracksuit top




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Final Uniform fact sheet

Final Main Uniform Letter