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Educational research continues to highlight the benefit of homework for students, not just on academic progress in subject areas but also on personal skills such as independent working; communication and resilience

Aims of Homework at Witchford Village College

• To help students realise their potential.

• To encourage the development of independent study.

• To support and develop literacy across all subjects.

• To provide opportunities for parents/carers to support the learning of their children.

Setting of homework

Homework for all year groups and all subjects will be set weekly at 9am on a Monday morning.

Students will have homework tasks set as an assignment on their individual class Team on Microsoft Teams which students can access on their iPads.

Parents can also monitor the homework set each week on Edulink

We hope that this will support students to plan their week effectively and balance their homework schedule with other commitments.

What will be set for each year group?

Homework tasks will be set from centralised homework schedules and each task will have three levels of challenge: Mastery, Challenge and Extension.

One piece of homework will be set per subject per week as listed below.

Students at KS3 in Year 7, 8 and 9 should spend the equivalent of approximately 30 minutes per subject per week.

Homework will be set each week as follows:

· Year 7 - English, Maths, Modern Languages, Science (History & Geography from Christmas)

· Year 8 - English, Maths, Modern Languages, Science, History and Geography

· Year 9 - English, Maths, Modern Languages, Science, History and Geography

Students at KS4 in Year 10 & 11 should spend approximately 45 minutes per subject per week.

· Year 10 – All core subjects and option choices

· Year 11 – All core subjects and option choices


When is homework due?

The deadline for all homework to be completed and submitted is 6pm on a Sunday afternoon.

This gives students a whole week to complete their homework tasks and numerous opportunities to seek help in school if required.

What if a student doesn’t complete a piece of homework?

If a student does not submit their homework by the required time the teacher will log ‘incomplete homework’ on Edulink

Year group and house leaders will monitor those that do not complete homework and set an after-college detention if appropriate.

If there are any problems completing the homework, please get in touch with the subject teacher by email or via Edulink.

Homework Club