Student Remote Learning

Self-Isolating Student

If you are isolating, you will need to follow your timetable and visit Microsoft Teams to access an assignment set by your Teacher. In place by 8:50am each morning, the assigned learning material will include a clear instruction and be in line with the planned curriculum.

Typically, this will consist of the following:

A student step-by-step guide is available for Desktop/Laptop and another for Mobile/Tablet.

Whole class isolating and School Closures

In the event of a whole class or year group needing to isolate or if there is a school closure, you should continue to follow your school timetable, including tutor time and visit Microsoft Teams to access your learning.

An introduction to Teams, including how to access this platform, can be found here for desktop/laptop users and for mobile/tablet users.

KS3 students have a single Team called, for example, “WVC 9WW Isolating”. Tutor time and all lessons can be accessed from this Team. Please click here for the KS3 quick start guide

KS4 students have a separate Team for all their subjects and another for Tutor Time. Please click here for the KS4 quick start guide. 

At the start of Tutor Time and a lesson, Teachers will post on the Team a link to a meeting. Students should join this meeting to allow staff to take a register, after which:

• The Teacher will continue with the meeting, what we call a ‘live lesson’. This allows the teacher to talk to students, share their screen, use a virtual whiteboard and communicate verbally or through the onscreen meeting chat.

• The Teacher will begin the lesson explaining what students will be learning about and directing them to a Teams assignment. The assigned resource will contain an element of input through a recorded lesson or presentation. The Teacher will remain available through the in-meeting chat to support students in their learning.

The above approaches are slightly different, but students can still expect a variety of tasks from their teachers. This could be an independent writing task, questions to complete in a class book, reading, visiting websites, questioning or watching a video clip.

Towards the end of a lesson, students will be asked to either complete a quiz and/or be asked to upload their work to a Teams assignment. This allows the Teacher to assess the progress that has been made and inform future planning. The work students upload could be a photo of class work, a video clip electronic document such as a PowerPoint. Click here for instructions to show students how to 'Add work' to a Teams assignment

The Teacher will ensure that students are clear what they need to be doing during the lesson, what work should be produced, how to upload their work or access a quiz and be available via the Teams chat.

If a Teacher is absent, students can expect their lesson to start with another Teacher or have an assignment assigned to them.


Using the chat feature in MS Teams