General Information

Closure of College

In the event of severe weather conditions that could result in school closure, please check the website or tune into local radio for up-to-date information.

Equalities Statement

We are fully committed to equality of opportunity and welcome enrolments from everyone.
We positively encourage all learners with any concerns about specific needs which might affect their learning to discuss their requirements with us in confidence. We believe that everyone is entitled to learn in an environment that is free from discriminatory behaviour so that we build a community based on mutual trust and respect.
We will ensure that resources and equipment are accessible to all and make reasonable adjustments to ensure that all learners can access activities.

Insurance & Losses

The College cannot accept responsibility for loss of personal property left on the premises, nor for damage to cars and bicycles.
No Smoking
Government Legislation, introduced on 1st July 2007, places a total ban on smoking in public places. Impington Village College operates a No Smoking policy. Learners wishing to smoke are asked to do so away from the immediate vicinity of the College.


We have made arrangements to ensure that you are safe at our centre. If you feel you are not safe for any reason, for example through verbal or physical abuse or you have been discriminated against, tell your tutor or the Centre Manager. We will investigate and try to resolve the situation.

Language Courses

If you are unsure about the level of your language skills, please speak to the office and we will ask tutors to contact you to discuss your needs further.

For guidance:

Beginner – No experience necessary
Improver – 50-60 hours prior experience required
Intermediate – 120 hours prior experience required
Advanced or Conversation – Over 120 hours prior experience required