Audio Analytic Work Experience Visit

Last week, two of our keen Film Studies students had the opportunity to spend the day at Cambridge-based Audio Analytic as part of our work experience scheme. We are very grateful to Neil Cooper, the Head of Marketing, for arranging the day and for the Company’s hospitality and welcome. Audio Analytic are a company working on software to empower machines with a sense of sound. They invited students to attend as they had a BBC production team interviewing the CEO of Audio Analytic. The BBC also filmed the technicalities of how they capture sound. Our students’ report follows:-

We were given a tour of their main office before sitting down in one of the meeting rooms with Neil. He talked to us about the history of the company and demonstrated the products that their AI intelligence could be embedded in. After this, we met the people from the BBC and saw how they filmed the products and operated the cameras for the TV programme called BBC Click. The production team showed us how they set up their equipment, how important lighting was and the importance of what was said to hold the interest of the viewer.


When they finished filming the products and had interviewed the CEO, we were taken to the Sound Lab where they have an anechoic chamber, which is where we saw how they create sound clips. For example, dogs barking, emergency sirens, gunshots, bicycle bells and windows smashing. Once recorded, these sounds are used in their products. We helped them set up all of their equipment for each of these recordings. Overall, this experience was very interesting and fun. It showed us the huge range of opportunities and different interests in this field.

Josh and Josie