Community Eyes & Ears at WVC

Witchford Village College were pleased to offer four Year 7 and four Year 8 students the opportunity to be part of an innovative programme in conjunction with East Cambs Community Safety Partnership called “Community Eyes and Ears”. The programme is dedicated to working with the leaders of the future to help build a safer and more tolerant society for all.

‘Think Communities: Eyes And Ears’ is supported by Cambs County Council, East Cambs District Council and relevant Community Safety Partnerships, Associations and Emergency Services.

Witchford Village College were delighted to be the first College to have their students trained to be diligent Mentors, allowing them to support their peers and their wider community. The training took place at East Cambs District Council Chambers. They learnt about good communication skills and how to stay safe online to protect their identity. They were taught how to spot Money Mules, Scams, Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships, Hate Crime, what might push or pull someone into a Gang and other topical issues currently affecting their communities. The students learnt how to report any concerns they see or hear, the overwhelming message of the training was READ IT, RECOGNISE IT, REPORT IT!

The students were a true credit to the College and engaged on the training day with empathy, maturity and enthusiasm. Now trained, the Mentors will be looking out for our WVC community and the wider area that surrounds us. One student reported, ‘I really liked having a voice and learning how to stay safe and how to keep other people safe too by recognising and reporting concerns’ another said, ‘I thought the best part of the day was interacting with others and learning how to spot signs of Cyber Bullying and fake scams’.

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