Creative Arts and Wellbeing Project

We have been able to offer some of our Year 10 students the chance to take part in two creative sessions at Wicken Fen with a strong emphasis on wellbeing. This opportunity is run by Wysing Arts Centre and led by two of their artists, Lucy Steggals and Caroline Wendling.

Students have been exploring the sculptural artwork ‘Mother’ by Studio Morison. The artwork was commissioned by Wysing aiming to bring contemporary art to unexpected places in the East of England as part of the region-wide arts commissioning programme, New Geographies. Richard Mabey’s book ‘Nature Cure’, in which he recovers from severe depression through walking, watching and writing about our East Anglian landscape, inspired the work.


During the first session our students spent time exploring ‘Mother’ and the effect the structure had on them. They took rubbings of the materials used and then moved indoors, because of the constant rain, to build shelters. The second session saw the students drawing on their experience from the previous week, generating stories and designing banners. They made the banners from fabric, embellished them and erected them in the landscape.

Everyone enjoyed the workshops and came away much more aware of their natural surroundings and the calming effect of nature.


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