Greece Trip - Save the Turtles

This July, a group of students will be heading to Greece for a demanding expedition. They will be taking part in a kayaking sea adventure and volunteering at a Loggerhead Sea Turtle rescue centre. They have been tasked with raising money to fund the trip.

Our group of explorers will fly to Athens and travel on to Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece. The charity works to protect endangered turtles by rescuing and rehabilitating those that have been injured by fishing lines and scrap plastic. For three days, our students will volunteer at the Kyparissiakos Bay Project, getting involved with activities to protect these amazing creatures.

They will travel on to Vassiliki and undertake kayak training before taking part in a sea expedition around the Ionian Islands. Three days will be spent on the water, passing remote beaches and hidden caves whilst exploring the interesting marine life. In the evenings, they will be wild camping on beaches, under the stars. On top of this, they will also visit some of the iconic historical landmarks in Athens including the Acropolis and the Panathenaic stadium.

The trip is arranged through Outlook Expeditions who put personal development at the heart of their educational trips. Students are in the driving seat throughout the expedition, taking a lead role in managing the budget, booking transport and cooking team meals.

Our group are also responsible for raising money to fund their trip. Student Hope has been inspirational with her fundraising activities. Not only has she raised enough to cover the entire cost of her expedition but also she has achieved it in an ethical and sustainable way, whilst demonstrating great entrepreneurial skills.

From a donation of fabric scraps, destined for landfill, she has made a range of beautiful fabric storage pots. She has sold these successfully at Christmas markets, craft fairs and through her Facebook page ‘Hope for Turtles’. Now she has reached her target, she is going on to raise funds for the animals affected by the bushfires in Australia. Good luck to everyone involved it the trip.

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