WVC at Cambridge Junction

Last Wednesday the Witchford Village College Year 10 music class went to the Cambridge Junction for a Creative Careers trip. There were many music workshops to take part in; a tour of the building and an interviewing panel. The day was incredibly interesting and I had a brilliant experience.

The first workshop I took part in was song writing and performing. One-half of our group composed the chords and melody; the other worked on the lyrical aspect. I helped to create the chorus with a girl from Bassingbourn Village College, while the other group composed a musical backing. Our lyrics were a melancholy song about guilt that was put to a contrasting happy ukulele tune.

The next activity was a tour of the Junction building. We walked on the tension wire grid above the theatre venue. I am not particularly keen on heights, which made the experience more terrifying! Our group then saw the theatre dressing rooms and concert stage. The Junction is a very interesting building, and one I would definitely visit for concerts/shows in future.

After that, my group took part in an interview panel. We interviewed Junction staff members asking about what their jobs involve. For example, the Marketing managers told us how they advertise events and the Pop Culture manager told us how he books them. This part was a very educational experience and helped expand my knowledge of creative careers.

Possibly my favourite part of the trip, was the show devising workshop. We were all given the task with writing down a question about something annoying us, and then breaking down the components until we got an idea for our own theatre production. Both Lucy and I ended up creating a sci-fi horror called 99%, simply from a question about maths. An engaging workshop linked into something I would like to do in the future. I am now considering joining the “Junction Young Company” after this experience.

To conclude, the day was hugely enjoyable. I gained a lot of musical knowledge and information about potential creative careers.