WVC Book Club Skype Andy Briggs

Prior to lockdown, students from our well attended Book Club enjoyed a lunchtime skype Q & A session with Andy Briggs in the new college library. Andy is a screenwriter, graphic novelist and author who has written on movie projects such as ‘Judge Dredd’ and ‘Foreverman’ and worked for Spiderman creator Stan Lee. He has also worked on TV projects for Syfy, Netflix, ITV and Amazon.


Year 8 student Kate asked ‘Do you start writing a book knowing the ending or do you go with the flow?’
Andy Briggs replied ‘What a great question, my first books I planned out. My later books were not planned as much’.

Students asked him other questions about working with the late famous Stan Lee, what his favourite Netflix show is, his favourite author and favourite childhood book. It was great to see so many students piled into the Library and involved with the conversation. We are looking forward to more skype sessions.


Whilst closed for the lockdown period, WVC Library has continued to support students with a host of schemes and initiatives to keep them busy. Our CILIP Carnegie shadowing group ‘Witchford Wonders’ are working hard to read, enjoy and review all eight of the shortlisted books. Students can take part in the Selfie Reading Challenge and Film Club from home. Our weekly competitions are still ongoing.